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Every second and fourth Thursday of the month

With special guests with your hosts Kathleen Kaiser & Adanna Moriarty

Enjoy conversations with publishing professionals and authors about the business end of the pen—insights for new writers, published authors, and anyone interested in the world of book publishing.

Talking Book Publishing grew out of a need to share information with a broader circle of people. Through her work in the literary field over the last thirteen years, Kathleen Kaiser has developed an incredible circle of influencers, authors, book marketing professionals, editors, agents, publishers, and more. She found new writers have many of the same questions as members ask her as president of the Writers & Publishers Network.

Twice monthly, guests from all corners of book publishing will discuss the latest trends, give new writers advice on mistakes and how to avoid them, and share a wealth of information out there with all listeners.

After each show, producer Adanna Moriarty leads a free-form discussion, After Hours with the Producer, with the guest on related topics, especially those of interest to new people wanting to publish a book.

“I’ve been doing marketing my entire career,” said Kathleen “Adanna has been involved only a few years. Combined, I feel we hit all of the points of interest and questions that listeners would ask. We both are writers working on books who are marketing other writers and want to share all that we have learned and continue to discover.”


About Talking Book Publishing with

Kathleen Kaiser & Adanna Moriarty

Kathleen Kaiser—Host

Beginning as a music journalist turned publicist, Kathleen Kaiser’s career spans over 50 years of involvement in the most exciting industries of her generation. From rock and roll in the 60s and 70s to the digital/internet revolution of the late 80s, 90s, and 00s, she has been a marketing professional for Fortune 100 companies, small startups, and conferences/tradeshows around the world. She turned her focus to the literary community in 2008 when she released her first novel.

Named Publicist of the Year in 2016 by the Book Publicists of Southern California for her contributions to the literary community, Kathleen maintains a small list of clients that allow her to continue her volunteerism. She is president of the national literary nonprofit the Writers & Publishers Network, producer of the 805 Writers Conference, and organizer of a monthly literary meeting in Thousand Oaks, CA co-sponsored by IWOSC. She produces webinars and launched a new podcast –Talking Book Publishing with Kathleen Kaiser – in April 2021.


Adanna Moriarty Bio—Host

Adanna has been surrounded by the literary world her entire life. Encouraged by her writer father and novelist aunt from an early age, she earned a degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has worked almost exclusively with other authors and writers since 2008, building their websites and coaching them on social media.

Adanna is a publicist for small indie presses and self-published authors. She is one of the 805 Writers Conference organizers and the membership chairperson for the Writers and Publishers Network, where she produces WPNWebinars. Recently, she has been a regular bylined contributor to the Ojai Valley News.

In November 2020, she joined the Community Literature Initiative’s poetry publishing course. She completed her first book of poetry, Threadbare, released in January 2022 by Curious Corvid Publishing. Adanna is the producer for Talking Book Publishing with Kathleen Kaiser. Exploring the world of publishing and educating other indie authors on the industry and insider tips is a passion for Adanna.


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