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Season 2 | Episode 13 • Jule Selbo

Sep 22, 2022 | 0 comments

Host & Guest


Jule Selbo


Kathleen Kaiser


Adanna Moriarty





About This Episode

Today Kathleen has the treat of talking with award-winning author Jule Selbo, who has spent her whole career as a writer, from playwright to screenwriter, and finally making space for her dream of writing mysteries. Jule has dedicated her life to the craft of writing. Her first novel in the Dee Rommel Mystery series, 10 Days, has won or been a finalist in multiple awards. The pair talk about Jules’s journey from her start in Fargo, North Dakota, writing plays in her garage to working on major tv shows and movies in Hollywood. It’s a great inspirational story for aspiring writers and writers in all places of their career.

Listen to Jule’s story and learn about her process and dedication-plus how moving across the country prompted the perfect location for the mystery series she’d been kicking around in her head for years. Jule’s next book in the series, 9 Days, comes out September 28, 2022 and is published by Pandamoon Publishing. It will be available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. 

Jule will be a speaker at the 805 Writers Conference on November 5-6, 2022, on the Mystery Summit Panel. The conference is available in person and through zoom. For more information, go to

Our After Hours segment with Jule, Conversations with the Producer, will be out next week, September 29, as we highlight the 805 speakers.

A special treat, starting September 29, Jule’s new book, 9 Days, will be free on Kindle for five days. Get yourself a copy, and leave a review when you’re done reading it.

There are so many writers out there who have become successful. We have the pleasure of being able to interview them and pick their brains. Tune in to our bi-monthly podcast to learn from literary and publishing industry experts. Every bit of information you can gather on your writing journey pushes you one step closer to success.

About our guest

Jule Selbo

Jule Selbo is a multi-award-winning novelist, playwright, and screenwriter whose original work explores an individual’s need for justice, love, and a sense of belonging. She’s written for legends like George Lucas, Aaron Spelling, George Romero, Sissy Spacek, and Geena Davis, with projects at Disney, Universal, MTV, Columbia Pictures, and more.

After earning a Masters at UNC, Chapel Hill, she made her way to New York City, where her plays ran off-off-Broadway. Productions in regional theaters and Los Angeles opened opportunities for writing and producing gigs in network television and major film studios in Hollywood.

In the early 2000s, she began teaching Screenwriting classes and World Cinema at CSU Fullerton. Her three books on screenwriting are curriculum in universities across the globe. She taught in Florence, Italy – and this is where her first novel, Find Me in Florence (Chatelaine First Place Award in Women’s Fiction and Romance)was born. Other books include award-winning historical fiction: Dreams of Discovery, Based on the Life of Explorer John Cabot and Breaking Barriers, The Life of Laura Bassi (Finalist for the Goethe Award). Short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

In 2021, Jule released 10 DAYS, the first in the Dee Rommel Mystery series, which won five awards including Kirkus, BookLife, Foreword, and more. The second in the series, 9 DAYS, will released in September 2022. Jule now lives in Portland, Maine where she enjoys being part of the literary and theater communities, sailing, writing for podcasts, cooking, and playing pickleball.

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