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Season 2 | Episode 17 • Rik Forgo & Steve Cafarelli

Nov 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Host & Guest


Rik Forgo

Steve Cafarelli


Kathleen Kaiser


Adanna Moriarty




About This Episode

In the summer of 1972, one band soared to the top of the charts and changed the music scene forever. The Eagles brought new sound and talent into the world, creating a following and loyal fans.

In today’s episode, authors Rik Forgo (Previous book: Eagles: Before the Band, book one in a trilogy on the Eagles) and Steve Cafarelli join Kathleen and discuss rock music history. They delve into their new book, an impressive rock forensic dive into the years the band made history, Eagles: Up Ahead in the Distance. It’s a conversation steeped in classic rock history, and this is a Talking Book Publishing for your commute. Eagles: Up Ahead in the Distance is available anywhere books are sold and released on Nov. 10, 2022.

If you’re listening to this podcast between 11/12 and 11/16, the Kindle version is free to download on Amazon.

Please let us know if you would like us to cover any subjects in future podcasts. We’d love the feedback and to ensure we bring the information you wish to hear.

After Hours

Adanna continues the chat with Rik and Steve, discussing the process of co-authorship, the ups and downs, and what they did to make the process go smoothly. Eagles: Up Ahead in the Distance was a massive undertaking, with over 500 pages of information to keep track of, and these two did it beautifully. Join these three and get some tricks and tips for your next project, or just more on the Eagles and have a good time with them in the after-hours segment.

About our guests

Rik Forgo

Rik Forgo developed his love of music while managing a store for a prominent Washington D.C.-area record chain. The burning interest in rock and roll he cultivated there would stay with him for the rest of his life. A few years later, he began his writing career as an Air Force journalist in Panama and the Middle East. He also filed a few stories from the jungles of Ohio and New Jersey. Eventually, he found his way into the halls of National Geographic, where he took on a different kind of writing—coding software—in support of the company’s heralded magazine and books divisions. In 2018 he put all that experience together with his passion for rock and roll and founded Time Passages, his own rock-oriented publishing company, and stocked it with veteran rock journalists and seasoned professionals with record industry experience. The first book the company published was his own—Eagles: Before the Band, in 2019. When he’s not writing, designing, or editing, he and his wife, Maureen, and their dog, Zeus, relax and watch ducks and sailboats from their home near Annapolis, Maryland.

Steve Cafarelli

Steve Cafarelli has always gravitated toward creative fields. He has a diverse background, working as a web developer and graphic designer with additional experience as both a creative writer and journalist. A life-long passion for music has provided an endless source of inspiration for everything he does, most notably his work as a musician and songwriter who performs and records in the greater New York area. First and foremost, though, Steve views himself as a family man, and he lives on Long Island with his wife, Susanna, and their two boys and four cats. His life is an ongoing quest to balance what he refers to as a personal trinity of family, work, and music. It keeps him busy, but happy…and rarely bored.

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