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Jun 8, 2023 | 2 comments

Host & Guest


Kathleen Kaiser &

Adanna Moriarty

About This Episode

On eBook Promotion

In this episode, Kathleen and Adanna delve into eBook promotion—a crucial aspect of book marketing. They explore why it is necessary, how to identify the most effective strategies within your budget, and whether converting your book into an eBook is financially viable. With their extensive marketing expertise, they offer insights into the lucrative eBook market. Whether you’ve been struggling with book sales or want to explore additional avenues for promotion, this episode answers many pressing questions.

Marketing your book is a complex and essential process that often feels overwhelming. Recognizing the challenges authors face in navigating the publishing world, Kathleen and Adanna established the Talking Book Publishing Podcast intending to shed light on the industry. They aim to make the publishing landscape more transparent, which aspiring authors can find challenging to penetrate and understand. Fortunately, there are resources available, such as their podcast.

Talking Book Publishing Podcast is a valuable resource when seeking guidance on enhancing your book’s marketing efforts. It addresses common concerns and offers expert perspectives to help you navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape.

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  1. Julie Belmont

    Perfect timing for this podcast, exactly what I needed. Thank you, Kathleen, and Adanna for such a clear and informative education.


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