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Jan 26, 2023 | 0 comments

Host & Guest


Stephanie Kemler


Kathleen Kaiser &

Adanna Moriarty


Adanna Moriarty





About This Episode

A novel is its own little miracle…

In an episode on craft, Kathleen and Adanna talk with author Stephanie Kemler about the process of world-building in fiction. Stephanie is the author of Bloodborn and the soon-to-release Bloodmad coming Valentine’s Day 2023. Stephanie created an extensive world in this vampire duet series. She has taken vampire lore and thrown out most of what readers know about them, creating an origin story that has never been told before. This TBP episode takes a nuanced look at creating a religion and applying ancient practices to a modern-gothic coming-of-age tale.

But this is not just world-building. How do you find time and discipline to get a manuscript completed? There is a wealth of wisdom for writers about Stephanie’s intuitive writing style, and tidbits about her non-traditional way are littered throughout this conversation. As she puts it, finding ways to “write in the margins” is one of the tips we like to share here at Talking Book Publishing.

We’d like to hear from you as well. If you have topics or speakers you’d like us to interview, please email us at and join the conversation in the comments on our Instagram @writerspubsnet. We’d love to know how you build your worlds and your writing process.

About our guest

Stephanie Kemler

Stephanie Kemler is a creator of gothic novels, purveyor of alchemical prose, and author of Bloodborn and Bloodmad. She writes stories that feed on the veins of tormented souls and pierces into the dark recesses of known and unknown worlds. Stephanie completed her history and creative writing degree at Case Western Reserve University and has spent most of her professional career teaching language, theology, and history. When she’s not exploring graveyards and reading in fairytale forests, she resides with her family near a haunted Gilded Age mansion in Philadelphia.

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