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Dec 28, 2023 | 0 comments

Host & Guest


Jay Hartman


Kathleen Kaiser &

Adanna Moriarty





About This Episode

On the Horizon: Exploring the Evolving Publishing Landscape

Dive into the dynamic world of Talking Book Publishing with hosts Kathleen Kaiser and Adanna Moriarty, joined by the charismatic small publisher Jay Hartman in our last episode of 2023. Jay shares his love for books, the challenges traditional bookstores face, and the evolving industry landscape.

Experience a heartfelt ode to libraries, Jay’s new venture with Misty Media, and insights from his YouTube channel, “The Publishing Game.” The episode peaks with the exciting debut release, “The Perp War Pumpkin,” a Thanksgiving crime fiction anthology donating all net royalties to Second Harvest food banks or Feeding America. If you’d like to support this project, you can do that here:

Jay champions diversity in publishing, applauding organizations like IPPY and IBPA. The episode wraps up with a call for continuous learning and transparency in the industry.

Join Kathleen, Adanna, and their guests for an engaging ride through the ever-evolving book industry on Talking Book Publishing.

If you are interested in submitting work to Misti Media you can do that here

About our guest

Jay Hartman

Jay A. Hartman is a 30+ year veteran of the publishing industry, with experience in both selling and producing. Jay founded publishing house Untreed Reads, serving as its Editor-in-Chief for 13 years before making the decision to leave after the company was acquired by another entity. He is now CEO of new publisher Misti Media and Editor-in-Chief of its imprints.

Ten short story authors have joined forces to write humorous crime stories containing some of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. From murder to theft to bank heists, these authors have whipped up stories to tickle your funny bone, feed your urge for a good crime and make you a bit hungry in the process. 100% of the net proceeds of the sales of this title will be split evenly among each of the contributors’ local Second Harvest Food Bank (a member of Feeding America) .

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