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Episode 5 • Alicia Doyle

Apr 1, 2021 | 0 comments

Host & Guest

Guest, Alicia Doyle

Host, Kathleen Kaiser

Producer, Adanna Moriarty




About This Episode

Alicia Doyle, The award-winning author of “Fighting Chance” and journalist, talks about the lessons she learned as a two-time Golden Gloves champion boxer and how she has adapted those life lessons, and how it made her strong mentally to live through the pandemic. The harsh lessons from boxing made her career as a journalist easier because she had learned to stick with her story and not be deterred by barriers thrown up to stop her.


About Alicia Doyle

 Fighting Chance is written by Alicia Doyle, an award-winning journalist who discovered boxing at age twenty-eight in the late 1990s when she went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid Gloves. For two years, she simultaneously worked as a newspaper reporter while training and competing as a boxer, making her one of only a few hundred women in America who infiltrated this male-dominated sport. During her boxing career, she won two Golden Gloves championship titles and earned three wins by knockout – and her pro debut at age thirty in the year 2000 was named The California Female Fight of the Year. Fighting Chance offers an inside look at what’s considered the toughest sport known to man.

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